QA & Testing

QA & Testing

We deliver testing services not just to our own master plans but also to external online portals containing Software as a Service and cloud-based solutions, content managing systems, and others. All our online portals and apps advance through good practices and testing across the platform.

Whenever our testing brigade would assure a complete 360-degree approach to test their apps; from front-end UI testing to back end testing, be it firewalls to cross-site scripting our experts would concentrate on every detail to assure the customer gets the secure elegant application.

The black box testing system approach is helpful for detecting certain vulnerabilities in the software developed. We use the same technique that hackers and virulent entities might use to offend app security. Under the black box, we use a formidable and popular approach to make sure that the user receives the value vowed by the software.

At Techroid Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we test their mobile app for reliability, UI, UX, performance, and security across the platform over a range of operating’s. We can take their being QA exertions and furnish complete turnkey testing results. Our team is always ready to go through that excess activity.

Quality assurance is the advanced quality management of the software under development. Distinct quality control that focuses on the quality of the outcome, quality assurance is progressive. Techroid Solutions Pvt. Ltd employs quality assurance during the development of its products to avoid flaws and assure that the final specifications of the product are achieved.